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Landmark energy and climate framework introduced in U.S. Senate today


Columbia, South Carolina -- Today, a comprehensive energy and climate framework was introduced, reflecting months of hard work from Senators John Kerry (D- MA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT). The American Power Act is a major step forward that would reduce the United States' dependence on oil and move our country toward a cleaner, more secure energy economy.

This framework was introduced on the heels of a letter sent to Majority Leader Harry Reid and the U.S. Senate last week, signed by 175 business leaders around the country. The letter called on the Senate to get comprehensive energy and climate legislation back on track in order to spur a new energy economy, boost energy independence and decrease carbon emissions.

“We do not want the EPA regulating carbon pollution. Businesses need long term stability on this issue and only Congress can provide that through federal legislation,” said Frank Knapp, president of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber.

“We need comprehensive legislation from Washington that invests in clean energy, creates jobs and reduces pollution. The Gulf disaster only highlights our country's desperate need for a comprehensive plan that frees us from our oil addiction and reasserts America's leadership in the clean energy economy,” said Edward Marshall, president of Hyperion Partners in Greenville.

To arrange an interview with SC Businesses for Clean Energy or with Knapp or Marshall, please contact Clare Morris at 803.254.5597 or via email. Go to for more information about SC Businesses for Clean Energy.

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“Clare proved to be a valued contributor to SCBio assisting in developing a political and public affairs strategy. Her creative approach and insight played an important role in advancing the corporate mission in both South Carolina and Washington.”

Karl Kelly—CEO, SCBio

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